Welcome, and thank you for coming. Many people are unfamiliar with mediation, so I’m glad you’re here. In most circumstances, mediation is by far the most efficient way to resolve a conflict. It’s usually quicker, cheaper, and far less taxing than other forms of resolution. This is because it is defined by something that most disputes lack, and can’t automatically provide – a safe, separate space. Mediation creates a protected area where there is space to move around without undue risk of losing one’s objectives.

I do not take lightly the fortitude that is required in dispute resolution, and I believe strongly that the payback on mediation is substantial no matter the nature of the dispute, and no matter the outcome.

There is no losing in mediation, only resolution or moving forward!

Practice Specialties

I specialize in HOA, Real Estate, Professional and Affiliate Associations, Business Partnerships, Landlord/Tenant, and related multi-party disputes.

Where to Start

No matter where or what kind of dispute you’re in, you can always choose to mediate.  You may have a long-simmering inter-party dispute, a fully engaged legal action, or you just see trouble on the horizon.  There is always an opportunity to alter the trajectory with mediation.

Below are suggestions for where to start based on where you might be in a dispute.

I’m in a legal dispute – filings for legal action have been made and/or a trial is pending.

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I’m in a legal dispute, but no formal filings have been made.

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I’m in a dispute, and talking to an attorney but have taken minimal or no formal legal action.

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I’m in a dispute and considering getting legal advice. I’m not sure if that’s the way to go, but it’s tempting.

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I’m at an impasse with another party on a matter. I don’t see this as needing to be a legal fight, but we’re definitely stuck. We’re in a very difficult situation and not sure what to do next.

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I’m in a dispute, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like a legal situation.

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Success Stories

I specialize in business related mediations which are also bound by longer-term relationships or interactions. These include professional and other associations, business partnerships, community, and corporate interactions.

This was the case of a three-party dispute between two business partners who owned a retail office-space franchise and their head of sales. The two partners differed on how to manage a dispute with their employee regarding process and policy as the organization grew.

In this case, I was contacted by one of two business partners after the dispute had already been simmering for nearly a year. They were under significant pressure to address the problem quickly, as the organization was on the verge of doubling in size – increasing from 5 to 10 retail locations – and they needed to be able to attract new clients and fill space by the time the build-out was complete.

I worked separately with each of the business partners, advising them on effective ways to negotiate both between themselves and their head of sales to address a variety of disputed issues.

Ultimately, the head of sales left on her own accord – amicably. By implementing new resolution methods, and negotiating with interest rather than position-based methods, all parties were able to resolve their disputes productively.

This also allowed the partners to move forward with their expansion plans quickly, hiring hire a new head of sales well suited to a rapidly growing organization. Within a year, one of the partners bought out the other’s controlling shares (also amicably), allowing the selling partner to realize a long desired cash-out while retaining an equity-stake, and allowing the remaining partner to continue to grow the business.

Helping a Business Partnership in Growth Mode

Dilapidated HOA Building

Noah Stein Mediation helping mediate a real-estate investment gone wrong. The result was a master-plan, an unusually successful transformation of an HOA building, and higher property values across all units.

In this case, four of ten condominium units had been purchased by new owners within a six month period. After sale of the units, it was determined that the extent of repairs required to the exterior building were more substantial than originally known.  The four new owners had to choose what their best option was: litigate against previous (and possibly current) owners, take no action, or negotiate another outcome.  In a lengthy meeting and planning process, I helped the new and existing owners create a process to upgrade the building together.  The result was a master-plan, an unusually successful transformation of an HOA building, and higher property values across all units.


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If you feel mediation is right for you – or even if you’re still not sure – give me call! I’d be happy to hear about your situation and guide you towards the best possible path.