Success Stories

Dilapidated HOA Building

In this case, four of ten condominium units had been purchased by new owners within a six month period. After sale of the units, it was determined that the extent of repairs required to the exterior building were more substantial than originally known.  The four new owners had to choose what their best option was: litigate against previous (and possibly current) owners, take no action, or negotiate another outcome.  In a lengthy meeting and planning process, I helped the new and existing owners create a process to upgrade the building together.  The result was a master-plan, an unusually successful transformation of an HOA building, and higher property values across all units.

Neighborhood Traffic Abatement Dispute

In this case, representatives from several individual blocks in a neighborhood, working with the Department of Transportation, experienced increased tensions when a plan to abate traffic was implemented after two years of un-resolved negotiations.  I was contacted by several of the participants to help facilitate a new agreement.  A new solution was agreed to and implemented within six months, and ratified by a community-wide vote. 

Landlord Tenant Property Condition Dispute