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How does one begin a mediation?

There are a variety of ways you can begin a mediation.  Ultimately, any party can contact a mediator to request a mediation:

  • Self-referral – you may contact me directly and request that I reach out to another party.
  • Attorney referral – If you have an attorney, your attorney may contact me and request that I contact another party or their attorney.
  • Attorney self-referral – the respective attorney of any parties may mutually agree to work with a mediator and contact me directly.
  • Contractual self-referral – in some instances, a contract (for example a rental agreement) may require that both parties attempt mediation prior to using any other dispute resolution method. 
  • Third-party referral – a friend or associate of one of the parties may either refer, or encourage all parties to contact me.

When contacted, I will only contact another party at your request, and I will discuss no aspects of the dispute to other parties, other than to express your interest in mediation and to explain how the process works.  If another party agrees to mediate, a terms of mediation agreement will be discussed and presented to each party.  When executed, mediation may commence.


The cost of mediation can vary depending on the dispute and circumstances: on an hourly, half-day, full-day, multi-day, per-engagement, or combined basis.  Estimates will be provided with initial consultations.  The cost of mediation is usually shared equally by all parties, however, it may be apportioned in any way that the parties agree to prior to commencement of mediation.